Types of Solar panel system

solar panel systemSolar panel system comes in different types. Consulting professionals like those in solar panels Perth is advisable to help you be able to notice the differences. Let’s look at the properties of photovoltaic to give you an idea of its variations and distinctions.

Your budget will determine the type you can purchase. We have three distinct types that are commonly found in the market. There is the monocrystalline panel which is costly but which you will only have to buy a few of them. There is also the thin film solar which you must buy in larger quantities of modules because they are cheap and less effective.

The three types you will get on the market are;
• Amorphous Silcon ( Thin Film )
• Polycrystalline
• Monocrystalline

The differences depend on the type of materials used to make the panels and the amount of power they produce. The differences may also be based on the cost of each panel.

Monocrystalline solar panels

These are solar panels made in large crystals of silicon. They are the most effective solar panels but will cost you more. They are ideal for people with small spaces because the electrical voltage they give per square meter is more.

Polycrystalline solar panels

They are the most common solar panels made of multiple silicon crystals. They have a beautiful finish and look like a deep blue shattered glass. The panels look golden, are lowly priced and are very efficient. They are less effective compared to the monocrytalline but are a great deal in terms of performance. They are referred to as Thin film solar panel system, they are cheap flexible and durable. They don’t break and shatter like other panels. They can easily be bent and battered but will still remain strong. They are ideal for locomotives and can be used in vehicles since they can be shaped so that they match the chassis they may be attached to. Unfortunately, these types of panels are not efficient compared to the first two types. They perform better in places where the sun is exceptionally strong. That is why they find a lot of applications in boats and sea vessels. They can be ideal if you have a lot of space since you really do not have to worry about putting two or more panels on the available space. They are cheap and you will save a lot when you buy these types of panels.

Most of the Photovoltaic products available in the market are certified but it is important to check the reviews and references before making any purchase. A standard panel should serve you for a period of not less than 25 years. If you get the best quality, it can serve you for a period of over 40 years. Make a wise decision in getting a solar panel system that can serve you. Click here for more information on these types.