Eight water-harvesting principles

Brad Lancaster, the known water harvesting expert from Tucson AZ has listed on his website harvestingrainwater.com eight principles of successful water harvesting.  You couldn’t find a better summary elsewhere.

Here are the eight water-harvesting principles according to Brad Lancaster:

  1. Make observations about where and how the water flows.
  2. Start at the highpoint of the watershed and work your way down using easy gravity-fed distribution of water.
  3. Small strategies are more effective than one big one by trying to infiltrate water into soil.
  4. Slow the run of water by making it “stick around” and spread it out.
  5. Plan an overflow route for times of heavy rain and create it where possible as a resource.
  6. Create the soil as “living sponge” using all its ability to infiltrate and hold water.
  7. Maximize beneficial relationships by raising paths for a better waterflow to surrounding plants or by choosing native plants.
  8. Make continually the “feedback loop” by observing the success and making necessary changes.

The important thing to remember about these principles is that they only work when we integrate all of them in our rainwater-harvesting efforts.  Used together they enhance our success.

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