Breathing wall

‘Breathing wall‘ is a future-oriented and wall integrated air cleaning concept for people who live in urban areas and want to relax and rest in a home with fresh air. The creator Jeabyun Yeon, a young product designer from Korea, presented his concept of “Breathing wall” to the Electrolux Design Lab and was voted to be one of the 8 Finalists.

breathing wallThis is how he explains his interesting concept: “Those of us living in modern times become stressed easily and we tend to generally accept its threat. However, these stresses become the cause of various psychological illnesses that at times lead to physical illnesses. That’s why people that take preventive measures against stress seek to heal their minds and bodies through yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. Based on this fact, the type of environment needed to heal one’s body and mind was examined.

Based on this context, these things were incorporated in the Breathing Wall. In specific, the focus of the Breathing Wall was placed on indoor air, namely, indoor atmosphere. People can exercise efficiently and take high-quality rests by recollecting their good memories through the changes in the indoor atmosphere.”

The “Breathing Wall” contains nano-technology, Graphene LED, polished aluminium and robotics. For more information visit his blog at Electrolux Design Lab.

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