LED innovation for more energy savings

Thanks to a high performance LED driver that was newly developed by researchers from the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University LED light bulbs can be brighter and more energy efficient than ever.

The new driver powers LED light bulbs with an innovative approach which is called multi-level PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) thus delivering remarkable improvements in light quality and energy efficiency. The PWM was redesigned in a way to maximize light output while minimizing wasted energy in the form of heat.  The result is higher lumen per watt.  Dr Loo Ka Hong said they achieved additional energy saving by up to 15%.

Another advantage are the lowered cooling requirements allowing smaller size heat sink compared to conventional methods.  That means LED systems can be made smaller.  With excellent dimming capability, the new MPWM driver allows manufacturers to create fully dimmable LEDs, that can be dimmed down to zero watt power.  These superior qualities pave way for brighter, smarter and more versatile LED lighting solutions.

One Times SquareTheir impressive example is the LED billboard on One Times Square in New York.  The math goes like this: The giant display uses 12 million bulbs and 250 KW power.  If the billboard is on for 16 hours a day, the energy bill comes to US$18,000 a month.  A 12% drop in energy consumption means US$2,160 in energy savings.


This innovative new technology has already aroused the attention of the international market.  Recently it has won a Gold Award at the 41st International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland in April of 2013.

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