COLIBRI: the innovative electric one-seater city car

What a success story: When founder and CEO Thomas delos Santos scribbled the idea for a micro-mobile with a novel frame and seating concept on a piece of paper in 2008, it was just an idea, nothing else. And this small idea had strong potential. So it grew to a conclusive business model quickly. A car that is seen as an intelligent mobility device: smaller, lighter, safer, more efficient and ergonomic. A Colibri amongst sparrows, so to speak.

The German company Innovative Mobility Automobile GmbH, IMA, presented the electric one-seater Colibri in April 2013, an agile and elegant car for urban areas.

Colibri, IMA city car

The Colibri is a compact one-person vehicle that provides generous interior space despite its minimal measures. Highlight of the construction is the lightweight frame on a magnesium steel basis, reducing vehicle weight and energy consumption costs. But it doesn’t affect safety. The Colibri will pass the Euro NCAP crash test as the first vehicle of its class.

Electricity for a range of 110 km (68 miles) is provided by a high performance lithium iron phosphate battery. Its features are a long life cycle and short charging times.

After having reached the milestone „prototype“, the next step will be series development. Market entry is scheduled towards late 2014 with a mid-term sales goal of 18,000 vehicles per year. Customers can look forward to low costs: starting price for the Colibri will be less than 10,000 Euro plus battery lease.

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