News about wireless power transfer technology

A team of researchers described recently in the American Institute of Physics’ journal AIP what happens to a resonant wireless power transfer system in the presence of metal plates. They found that the wireless power transfer can efficiently be achieved in the presence of metal plates. What does that mean?

One futuristic application of wireless power transfer would be to harness and use it via magnetic resonance to charge electric vehicles. Corresponding coils attached to the bottom of an electric vehicle would pick up energy as the vehicle passes over the coils embedded in the highway. With this type of dynamic charging, an electric vehicle’s driving range could become unlimited and the size of its batteries would be greatly reduced.

Wireless power transfer technology may find use in a wide range of applications beyond powering electric vehicles, said Xiaofang Yu, an electrical engineer and postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University who led the research. Other applications may include charging mobile devices and home appliances.

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