The next generation DA36 E-Star with a serial hybrid-electric drive

Siemens, Diamond Aircraft, and EADS showcased the new “DA36 E-Star 2” with a serial hybrid-electric drive at the Paris Air Show in June 2013. The serial hybrid-electric drive enables quiet electric takeoff and a considerable reduction in both fuel consumption and emissions of up to 25%. The second generation aircraft has proven that this technology is suitable for commercial use.

Hybrid drive aircraft

The propeller of this aircraft is powered by an electric motor with 65 kilowatts of continuous output. The electricity is supplied through a generator by a small Wankel engine that consumes little fuel, because it runs evenly at a low output. An EADS battery provides the plane with the energy it needs for take-off. The battery is recharged while the plane is cruising.

“The technology is scalable and will soon be making its way into small aircraft and in the future, commercial aircraft with 50 to 100 passengers, making aviation ‘greener’,” said Ralf-Michael Franke, CEO of Siemens Drive Technologies Division. “This milestone in development once again proves that the Siemens “Integrated Drive Systems” concept is the way of the future in drive technology. It also shows that this approach will provide higher powers coupled with increased energy efficiency in many different industries and applications.”

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