PlanetSolar reaches New York City

planetsolarThe PlanetSolar DeepWater expedition is allowing researchers from the University of Geneva, Switzerland to take advantage of the exclusive features of the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the largest solar catamaran ever built. The researchers will conduct a unique campaign of physical and biological measurements along the Gulf Stream. As part of the PlanerSolar DeepWater expedition, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar will follow the Gulf Stream across the Atlantic, linking Miami to Bergen by navigating over 5,000 miles.

The PlanetSolar DeepWater expedition is exploring the ocean processes that interact with the atmosphere by taking water and air measurements. This ocean current helps to carry heat from the tropics to the polar regions in the North Atlantic, making it one of the most important regulators of the European and North American climates.

During this expedition, special attention is paid to ocean vortexes, whirlpools that carry large amounts of energy, as well as to areas of deep water formation, strategic locations where surface waters dive down to the seafloor, helping to fuel what is commonly called the “ocean conveyor belt” – a three-dimensional global current that connects all the ocean basins on the planet. The data collected will be used to refine numerical weather and ocean modeling.

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