Green Commercial Kitchen Certification

cgcklogoKatie at Food Service Warehouse alerted us to a new program they are offering to certify restaurants as having a Green Kitchen.

Their program covers five key areas:

•Energy Conservation
Using  ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment and learning how to save even more money by operating machines and appliances only when needed.

•Water Conservation
Implementing Energy-efficient dishwashers and low-flow pre-rinse sprayers are two examples of reducing water usage.

•Waste Reduction
Learning to reduce the amount of waste by composting food scraps, recycling whenever possible and investing in reusable products.

•Green Cleaning
Using green cleaning supplies will reduce the harmful chemicals that enter our air and water.

“Teaching the teacher”. Learn how to thoroughly train your staff and set positive examples of environmental stewardship.

While any restaurant can take part in the effort and achieve Green Certification, Foodwarehouse customers can get an added benefit of their rewards program, which includes:

•Energy Conservation – One year extended warranty on all equipment
•Water Conservation – Parts at wholesale for the life of the equipment.
•Waste Reduction – 10% permanent discount on eco-friendly disposables.
•Green Cleaning – 10% permanent discount on eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
•Education – Help marketing your organization as a Green Leader.

See Food Service Warehouse for more information and details of the program.

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